Cultural Anthropologist

and Travel Writer

You might be wondering who wants to take you to Greece!

I’m a cultural anthropologist with an unparalleled passion for ruins and beaches – and preferably ruins perched above beaches!

I spend several months in Greece every year and have for many years now.

When I’m not in Greece, Melbourne is where you’ll find not just me but also the largest Greek community outside Greece.

I studied mythology and religion during my anthropology degrees and I have published academic articles on these topics. You can’t blame me for being attracted to the astonishing richness of ancient Greek cultures – I love the sea journeys of myth – Odysseus’s journey from Troy to Ithaca, and Theseus’ journey from Athens to slay the Minotaur of Crete, and the deeds of the Venetian and Santorini navies, and the pirate fleet of Barbarossa.

So while we’re exploring homemade honey and ceramics made in little villages tucked away in the mountains, we’ll also be sailing some of the bluest waters in the world, and washing up at ancient sites, beach bars, and deserted islands.

So let me and my local team take you to Greece and have the holiday(s) of a lifetime!


and Travel Writer

Meet Milos

Hi, my name is Milos. I was born in Belgrade, Serbia, but I have been living in Greece on and off for almost 20 years.

I spend several of months in Greece every year and have for many years now.I lived in a Halkidiki seaside village for five years, before making Greece’s second capital of Thessaloniki my permanent Greek base.

I am fluent in Greek and I love the language, which helped me a great deal while I was conducting field research in the Argosaronic island of Hydra.

Since then, I have been to almost all the Greek islands and driven through much of the Greek mainland.

I’m an academic with a doctorate in cultural studies. I teach cultural theory and cultural studies in tourism. Besides adoring all things Mediterranean, I love modern architecture and skiing.

Currently, my research is about the cultural history and contemporary value of a famous type of Athenian condo-building called polykatoikia.