Naxos ATV Rental: Costs, Tips + Best Places to Rent

Naxos ATV Rental: Costs, Tips + Best Places to Rent

Naxos is a large island to explore and it’s difficult to see a lot of the island without a complicated set of bus rides, hiring a car, or having an ATV rental Naxos Island adventure! But how much does an ATV cost, which are the most reputable rental places, and where should you go on Naxos with your ATV?

I’ve got all your questions covered in this complete guide to choosing the best Naxos ATV rental. An ATV is perfect for Naxos’ long coastline of lovely beaches and fun beach bars, and with an ATV you can also get to spots otherwise only reachable by boat.

Here’s a comparison of the costs, best 7 companies, and 8 best places to see with your ATV rental, as well as all the 10 most FAQ about renting an ATV on Naxos.

Naxos Island

At 430 square kilometers (267 square miles), Naxos is the largest of the Greek Cyclades islands, and the perfect hub for Greek island hopping because of the ferry connections and closeness to other Cyclades and small Cyclades islands, as well as the islands close to the Greek mainland.

Location of Naxos Island in Greece
Location of Naxos Island in Greece

axos is a typical Cycladic island with long stretches of golden coastline surrounded by the Aegean Sea. There are so many things to do on Naxos Island.

The mountainous interior with some amazing old villages for you to explore. The whole island is full of ancient sites, small fishing villages, mysterious giant statues, beach bars, and great food.

One of the best ways to discover this large island and its many secrets is to rent an ATV vehicle or a quad bike because of the simple ring road around the coast and the mountain roads with very little traffic through the interior.

Falcon Moto and Car Rental, Naxos, Greece
Falcon Moto and Car Rental, Naxos, Greece

Best 7 ATV Naxos Rental Companies

I ultimately chose to rent an ATV in Naxos Town (Chora) as it was closest to some of the destinations I wanted to explore first.

It’s possible to book online in time for the high season. Prices don’t vary very much between ATV rental companies.

The most important thing when choosing ATV rentals is to choose a trustworthy company for your own safety when you set off to explore Naxos in order to have a stress-free vacation.

These are the most highly reviewed rental companies in Naxos:

Rental CompanyAddressPhoneWebsite
Auto Moto Falcon Scooter, ATV, Buggy & Car RentalAristeidi, Protopapadaki, Naxos
Moto NaxosAgios
Tony’s Bikes and CarsNaxos
Scootermania Rent A BikeNaxos
Motopower NaxosAgios Prokopios and Agia
Moto Land NaxosNaxos
Naxos On The RoadNaxos
Table of the 7 most highly reviewed ATV Companies in Naxos, Greece

ATV rental Naxos: Map of office locations

Map showing the location of the best 7 Naxos ATV Rental Offices
Map showing the location of the best 7 Naxos ATV Rental Offices

What kind of license do you need to Rent an ATV in Naxos?

It’s easier to rent an ATV in Naxos, as in the rest of Greece, than it is to hire a scooter because of the kind of license you need.

Motopower, Naxos, Greece
Motopower, Naxos, Greece

To hire an ATV you need a full license, so you can’t be on a provisional license. It needs to be a full car license and this is known as a B1 license.

If your license is not considered equivalent to an EU-country license, you may also need to bring along an International Driving Permit. Check the official Greek government website here to see if you need an International Driving Permit. Since November 2011, Australians no longer need one.

General tips for renting an ATV in Naxos

Read below to see how to get a good price on an ATV Rental on Naxos.

ATV riders outside of Melanes, Naxos Island, Greece
TV riders outside of Melanes village, Naxos, Greece

Obeying the road rules, such as wearing helmets, only carrying a pillion passenger if you have an extra seat, and not driving while over the legal drinking limit, is all critical. The Greek police will stop you, fine you (a lot), and take your license away from you.

Figure out how long you need an ATV for, and do all your touring around in one go as it’s cheaper the longer you book an ATV rental.

Your travel/medical insurance needs to have coverage for ATV/biking experiences.

Parked ATV, Naxos Island, Greece
Parked ATV, Naxos Island, Greece

If you’ve left booking to the last possible minute (i.e. you want one now!), your accommodation is your best bet (mine have always provided me with great advice). They can usually find someone who will rent you one when you’re being told they’re all booked out.

Avoid hidden costs by booking a good quality ATV in excellent condition from the highly rated rental companies in Naxos (yep, the ones in the table above!)

Take your license, IDP (if you need one), reservation code, and any other documents as physical documents when you go to pick up your ATV.

Don’t park on a yellow line, and traffic going up the mountains has priority over descending traffic. Also, give way to agricultural vehicles.

The Cost of an ATV Rental in Naxos

The cost of an ATV rental in Naxos has increased in the last 2 years as Greece has seen an enormous rise in visitors, and not just from June to September.

Mikes bikes and cars rental office, Naxos, Greece
Mikes bikes and cars rental office, Naxos, Greece

However, Naxos is still great value for an ATV or Quad rental compared to more expensive nearby islands like Mykonos.

In high season, if you book ahead, the cost of an ATV rental for one day will be around €30.00 for a 150cc or 170cc ATV, rising to €50.00 for a 300cc ATV. Expect to pay at least €60.00 – €80.00 for the most powerful ATVs (650cc+).

Tips for Finding Good Prices for ATVs

ATVs and, in fact, any vehicle, are almost impossible to get without pre-booking in advance in summer. If you can’t, or don’t want to drive a manual vehicle, this is my most important tip – book in May!

Photo of an Naxos ATV rental on coast road in Naxos, Greece
ATV rental on coast road in Naxos, Greece

Online booking is the best way to book an ATV, quad, scooter, or rental car on the Greek Islands, especially in peak season. In 2022, Greece was the third most visited country in the world!

Online booking is more competitive and gives the best rates, in part because there are specials, online-only deals, and early-bird savings. You can choose to put in a bunch of selected filters, and change the pick up date or location to get a better price.

Return your vehicle full of fuel, and consider Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) insurance. Third-party insurance is already included in the cost of the ATV Naxos rental.

Parked ATV, Naxos Island, Greece
Parked ATV, Naxos Island, Greece

The longer you hire your ATV, the cheaper it will be. Ditto with the size of your ATV. The lower the power (CCs), the lower the cost.

If you’re sticking to the coast, you don’t need a big and powerful ATV. However, Naxos is mountainous and the extra power is necessary to get up into the interior of the island.

Top 8 Places to Visit on Naxos With an ATV Rental

This is possibly a bit of a list for history buffs and people interested in local cultures.

I love exploring the mountain villages of the Greek islands, but I’ve included Plaka beach here and I would definitely ride an ATV around the coastal beaches to find your favorite one!

1. Temple of Demeter, outside Sangria village

Photo of the Ancient-Temple-of-Demeter-Naxos-Greece
Ancient Temple of Demeter, Naxos, Greece

My favorite ancient ruin on Naxos.

2. Halki (Chalki) village (stay for lunch!)

Halki central square with outdoor barbeque, Naxos Island
Halki central square with outdoor barbeque, Naxos Island

Halki village is my favorite village on Naxos. Hike around it, shop, eat – it’s wonderful!

3. Apollonas Kouros and Apollonas fishing village

Apollonos, Naxos Island, Greece
Apollonas village, Naxos, Greece

The Apollonas Kouros is possibly my favorite thing on this island – Naxos sculptures invented monumental sculpture in Greece and this statue is 10.7 meters long!

4. Portara Gate of the Temple of Apollon


There’s a special kind of magic here at Sunset.

5. Plaka Beach

Plaka Beach, Naxos, Greece

The best beach on Naxos.

6. Apeiranthos Village

Apieranthos Village, Naxos Island, Greece
Apieranthos Village, Naxos Island, Greece

Almost as wonderful as Halki (and with 5 local museums).

7. Filoti Village

Photo of Filoti Village, Naxos, Greece
Filoti Village, Naxos, Greece

Another delightful mountain village, close to Halki. Not much to look at as you drive through, you need to stop and explore to see the narrow alleyways.

8. Melanes Kouros and Melanes Village

Photo of the Marble Kouros, Melanes village, Naxos island, Cyclades, Greece.
Marble Kouros, Melanes village, Naxos island, Cyclades, Greece.

These Kouros (more than one are called Kouroi) are closer to Chora (Naxos Town) if you don’t want to go all the way to the northeast of the island to Apollonas.

Melanes village is nothing special, but go hunting for the Kouri!

Frequently Asked Questions about ATV Rental in Naxos

1. How much does it cost to rent an ATV in Naxos?

Each quad bike can accommodate up to two adults. The minimum booking duration is one day. From only 30 euros per day for a basic model, renting a quad bike in Naxos this summer is also a very economical way to explore the island completely at your own schedule and pace.

2. Can you get around Naxos with an ATV?

You can certainly get around all of Naxos Island with an ATV. An ATV will be a little slower than a car, but there is almost no traffic on the roads in Naxos away from the town.

3. How much does it cost to rent an ATV in Greece?

Prices differ across Greece but you can budget €20-€50 per day for a scooter or motorcycle, and €30-€100 per day for an ATV. I have read about much higher prices, but I’ve not seen that on the Greek islands, except perhaps on Mykonos in July and August.

4. Can you get around Naxos without a car?

The public bus system is efficient and simple to use in Naxos. The main bus terminal is in Chora (Naxos town). It’s difficult to do a whole tour of the island by bus because it will take a long time, but it is the cheapest way. It’s certainly possible to get from Chora to major beaches and villages by bus.

5. Is it difficult to drive in Naxos?

It’s not difficult to drive in Naxos because, like most of the Greek islands, it doesn’t have many roads – there’s a road around the coast and several through the mountains. There is very little traffic and because the roads are windy, there aren’t many fast drivers.

6. Do you have to wear a helmet on an ATV in Greece?

If you do rent a quad bike, choose a category in accordance with your driving license and age. Drivers and passengers must wear helmets. Failure to do so may invalidate your insurance and if stopped, you will be fined and your license will be taken from you.

7. Is Naxos flat or hilly?

The area immediately inland from the shoreline in Naxos is flat but the interior of the country is mountainous (more than hilly!) with a significant mountain range. Especially if it’s your first time renting an ATV, you can always stick for the first day or so to the coastal flats if you’re not sure you’ll be able to drive safely on the narrow mountain roads.

8. How long does it take to drive around the island of Naxos?

It’s possible to drive a car around the road loop of Naxos Island in three hours if you don’t stop along the way. Although Naxos Island is the largest island in the Cyclades, you’re never more than about 90 minutes away from Chora, the main town on Naxos Island.

9. How much does it cost to rent a scooter in Naxos?

The cost of renting a scooter in Naxos in high season begins at €15€26 for 50cc-125cc scooters, rising to €35€40 for a 300cc. Brand names like Honda will cost more than brands you may not have heard of.