Sarakiniko Beach, Milos: Practical Guide to Visiting [2024]

Sarakiniko Beach, Milos: Practical Guide to Visiting [2024]

Would you like to spend a day at Sarakiniko Beach, one of the most beautiful and most photographed spots in the whole of Greece? Here’s a complete guide for you to get the best out of your visit including when to visit, how to get there, what to expect at Sarakiniko Beach, the best things to do at the Beach, and where to eat and stay nearby.

Where is Sarakiniko Beach?

Sarakiniko Beach is like a white marble canvas with its lunar landscapes and mesmerizing turquoise waters.

Map of Milos Island
Map of Milos Island, Greece

Located in the northern part of the island, this elegant beach is a must when visiting Milos.

Milos Island is one of the most popular Greek islands in the Cyclades island chain in the Aegean Sea, south of Athens.

5 Things to Know about Sarakiniko Beach Before You Go

1️⃣Sarakiniko Beach is unique in Greece – it’s a stunning example of fierce geological forces that shaped Milos Island millions of years ago by fossil piling, volcano eruptions, eroding winds, and attacking waves.

The result of all this wild weather over millennia is white volcanic rocks with layered textures that form unusual curves in white rocks that you can explore even today.

2️⃣ The beach has a rich past and an important place in the history of the island – the name derives from the Saracen pirates that were using it as a hideout.

Other Mediterranean marauding groups, like Sicilians, the Ottomans, and the Barber pirates were also using its coves as safe havens. Milos Island was the headquarters of the pirates of the Aegean Islands for several centuries and it was here that they held the slave markets.

3️⃣ The best way to discover the pirate coves and small fishing villages around the island is with an ATV rental, or by sea on a boat or kayak tour.

A new and very popular way to get to swim at Sarakiniko Beach is to hop on an e-bike tour of Milos that leaves from nearby Adamas. There are two companies that offer this experience.

The first is We Bike Milos. Check out their 5-star reviewed 3.5-hour tour, Adamas: Milos Highlights Tour on an Electric Bike.

A slightly longer (4-hour) tour by We Bike Athens that also explores the Sarakiniko moonscape with 5-star reviews is Milos: Half-day electric bike tour with Sarakiniko beach.

4️⃣ Sarakiniko Beach is a fierce location with no vegetation to provide natural shade and shelter from the sun, so be careful and bring your sunscreen.

If you’re not a fan of the sun, plan your visit early in the day or just before sunset.

5️⃣ This bone-white beach with its petrified volcanic rock, ash, and pumice stone as a backdrop is so unique that is frequently used for photoshoots and fashion shows.

It is one of the most striking landscapes I have ever seen, so if you are into photography, this is a special place.

It is the most Instagrammable place on the whole island and among the top 3 in the whole of Greece.

The chalk-white volcanic rocks have been called a lunar landscape, an alien landing site, a moonscape, and an otherworldly experience (you get the idea!)

How to Get to Sarakiniko Beach: Top 6 Ways

Sarakiniko Beach is only 2.5 miles away from Adamas, the port of the island, and 3 miles away from Plaka, the capital town of Milos. Here are six ways to get there:

🌊 Visit with your own wheels by hiring a car, ATV, or scooter, and here is a list of the best Milos ATV rental companies. The roads are good and a large parking area is available just outside the beach.

Swimming and sunbaking at Sarakiniko Beach, Milos, Greece
Swimming and sunbaking at Sarakiniko Beach, Milos, Greece

🌊 Another way to get to Sarakiniko Beach is by public bus system (bus schedule available for April-October only) and only from Adamas.

The public bus ride takes around 10 minutes and the ticket is 2€.

🌊 Alternatively, you can book a taxi to get you there and pick you up (around 30€ per way).

🌊 A very romantic way to explore Sarakiniko beach is by sailboat, an all-time Milos island classic.

There are many sailing trips offered on the island that include visits to Sarakiniko, along with other famous spots like Kleftiko and Sykia Cave.

You will also get to see the nearby islands of Sifnos and Kimolos.

I think the best of these (and certainly the most often booked tour) that includes a photo stop at Sarakinikos Beach is: Adamas: Milos and Polyaigos Full-Day Cruise with Lunch.

🌊 If you’d like to see the beaches on the north side of Milos without renting a car or you don’t have many days on Milos Island, this tour of four beaches that includes Sarakiniko is a must: Milos, North Side Beaches Tour

🌊 I’ve recently become a huge fan of hiring my own little boat and setting off for the day. I’m amazed at how cheap it is and that you don’t need a boat license!

Check out the best one on Milos, the Private ELDORIS Boat Rental in Milos Agia Kiriaki GREECE daily rental through Viator.

Why Sarakiniko Beach is a must-see attraction

It is a one-of-a-kind spot in Greece and around the Mediterranean, compared only to the Scala dei Turchi site in Italy (but so much better).

Just another perfect day at Sarakiniki Beach, Milos Island, Greece
Just another perfect day at Sarakiniki Beach, Milos Island, Greece

Arriving at Sarakiniko Beach, the lunar scenery really leaves you in awe. The white high rocks penetrate crystal clear waters, creating small and large caves, inlets, and coves.

The lack of greenery, combined with giant white rock formations and the intense reflection of the light is an experience not to be missed.

Of course, swimming, cliff jumping, shipwreck exploration, caves, and tunnels add up to the whole experience.

 Best Time to Visit Sarakiniko Beach

Sarakiniko is a full-day activity, so plan ahead.

I was there very early and I am so glad I did that because I had the beach all to myself (along with very few locals which is even better) up until 9 am, when the crowds start coming.

The lunar landscape of Sarakiniko is ideal for photo-taking sessions, Milos, Greece

The beach will get busy quickly after that, so better take your photographs with the morning sun until then and after 10 am just enjoy and explore.

So, the best time to visit Sarakiniko Beach is early morning or late afternoon. You may get some alone time with the beach and the sea, and you’ll witness the most amazing golden hour on the island.

Being on the north shore, you won’t see the sun dropping to the Aegean sea, but the golden-pinkish colors of the sunset make Sarakiniko white rock appear unearthly.

Stargazing at night is also beautiful, with no light pollution, the Milky Way unfolds in its full glory.

What Time of Year is Best to Visit Sarakiniko Beach?

The best time of the year to visit Sarakiniko is from May until early October.

September is the best month – the high season is gone, everyone is relaxed and the winds are milder.

What Facilities Does Sarakiniko Beach Have?

Sarakiniko is more a natural site than a beach. You will see just a narrow strip of sand surrounded by glorious white rocks but no beach comforts. 

Kantina at Sarakiniko Beach, Milos Island, Greece. Credit: ChrisGoldNY, Flikr

There are no facilities around Sarakiniko. No sunbeds, umbrellas, beach bars, tavernas, not even a playground or toilets.

So you’ll need to bring all you need without being able to run to a shop or a restaurant.

Fortunately, there has recently been a “kantina” – a snack and refreshments food truck parked just outside the beach, beside the road.

What to Bring to Sarakiniko Beach in Milos

Make sure to bring all you need for Sarakiniko, as there are no shops, restaurants, or toilets at this unique beach.

Rock formations of Sarakiniko Beach Milos Island

There’s no natural or artificial shade either. This means not only your own water, snacks, and coffee but items for personal hygiene and sun protection. Hats and good sunscreen are a must.

Bring along a towel to lie on and snorkeling equipment, as well as flip-flops and water shoes if you carry those.

A waterproof bag to put it all in is great for rock hopping and a flashlight for Sarakiniko’s underground explorations.

For sunset and nighttime visits, a blanket and a sweater are a must, snacks, drinks, and a flashlight too.

The 8 Best Things to Do at Sarakiniko Beach

So now you know all the practical info you need to get to and have a great day at Sarakiniki Beach, all that’s left is to check out these top 8 things to do when you get there.

1. Explore the Stunning Landscape

Sarakiniko is a natural piece of art, so unique in its rugged beauty, you can stare at it for hours.

Wherever you look, the lingering rocks above the Aegean, the stone bridges, tunnels, and the rocky seashore will steal the show.

Stunning landscape from when I visited Sarakiniko beach. Not much shade around
Stunning landscape from when I visited Sarakiniko Beach. Not much shade around

2. Start with the Small Beach

The small (or narrow) beach is the first place come across if arrive from the parking lot.

The small beach, Sarakiniko, Milos, Greece
The small beach, Sarakiniko, Milos, Greece

The cleft separating Sarakiniko into a left and a right side is like a miniature fiord allowing emerald waters to penetrate the white rock.

The actual beach is just a tiny strip of sand, so don’t expect to unfurl your towel and stay there.


🌊 The left side is better for swimming, jumping, and diving.

🌊 The right side is better for exploration.  

3. Photography

Taking photos at sunrise and sunset is magical of this lunar landscape, and doing it with the creative guidance of a professional photographer will give you lifelong memories of Sarakiniko and Milos Island.

A professional photography shooting session is affordable and a unique experience.

The best of these you might like to check out is the 1.5 hours tour by Mina K Photography, Milos: Photoshoot with a Professional Photographer.

4. Cliff Jumping 

This is literary my best experience from Sarakiniko! The rocky sun-drenched shores are wildly popular for cliff jumping and the left side is a perfect place to do it.

One of the arch rock formations at Sarakiniki Beach, Milos, Greece

So many dazzling spots to choose from, offering you the chance to jump from all sorts of rocks, stone bridges, and archways into the azure Aegean.

The heights vary significantly, so you can pick how brave you want to be. My favorite is the plunge pool spot with the archway leading up to the sea.

On the other side of the cove is the most popular sport for cliff diving or jumping at Sarakiniko, perhaps because it’s the highest spot at around 20 feet high (I don’t think it’s ever been measured, so it’s an estimate).

5. Sea Caves

Deep large caves are all around the Sarakiniko site and that is where the pirates were hiding their vessels and loot, waiting for the moment to strike again around the eastern Mediterranean.

You can explore them hidden behind the white cliffs and find some shade from the scorching sun.

TIP: The plunge pool cave surrounded by the azure waters is the most photographed spot around, attracting many visitors.

6. Abandoned Mining Tunnels

There are 200 mines around Milos. Sarakiniko was also a mining location, now abandoned, which has become a perfect spot for exploring the tunnels left behind when the industry moved on from here.

Bring a flashlight and head to the left side to descend into the bowels of Sarakiniko. You will walk through carved tetragonal tunnels just next to the sea, which was another amazing experience for me at this site.

7. Dive Around the “Africa” Sarakiniko Shipwreck

To the right side of Sarakiniko is a shipwreck that feels ancient, but it’s actually a reminder of a recent event.

Sarakiniko Shipwrech, Sarakiniko Beach, Milos Island, Greece
Sarakiniko Shipwrech, Sarakiniko Beach, Milos Island, Greece

In 2003 a tanker sailing under a Cambodian flag got stuck in a storm with a mechanical failure that forced the uncontrolled vessel to the shores of Milos. Luckily, there were no casualties.

The ship is left there to provide a perfect spot for divers of all levels, as the maximum water depth around the wreck is only 8 meters.

8. Don’t Miss the Sunsets and Stargazing

Late afternoon is the second best time to visit Sarakiniko as the sunsets are just amazing.

A seascape during sunset. Long exposure. Rocks on the seashore. Sunlight during sunset. Natural background. Sarakiniko beach. Milos island. Greece.
Sunset (long exposure), Sarakiniko Beach, Milos, Greece

The golden hour just turns the whole site into an amazing pastel color plate and the sea into a giant mirror.

Crowds disappear, too, and you will have the place for yourself again, just like in the early morning. 

You can experience this fantastic site on a romantic sunset cruise and I really like the Shared Half-Day Afternoon Sunset Cruise from Milos via Kleftiko where you can snorkel or swim or just watch the sunset, and the snorkeling gear is provided.

I stayed on and waited for the stars to appear, which was amazing. Just make sure to bring a blanket as the nights can be chilly.

What NOT to do at Sarakiniko Beach

Be careful when climbing out of the sea, as in every rocky shoreline, there are sea urchins.

Stay away from the brown rocks, that’s where the sea anemones are. If stung, you’ll experience severe pain, just like with a jellyfish sting.

Where to Stay Near Sarakiniko Beach

There are plenty of charming small resorts and hotels in Milos. Some of my favorite hotels around Sarakiniko Beach in Milos are these four:

Our TOP 4 picks!

Cave Suites Milos

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Lithos Luxury Rooms (Adults Only)

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Anemolia Pargas Suites

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Sarakiniko Rooms

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Check out all Milos accommodation here

Where to Eat Near Sarakiniko Beach Milos

Sarakiniko will make you hungry and snacks just don’t cut it after the whole day of jumping and cliff climbing. Nothing within walking distance, though.

These are the best options for lunch or dinner in nearby towns:

🍽️ Medusa Restaurant: Just 1.5 miles away in Mandrakia village, Medusa serves superb seafood on the very seashore.

Order a Greek post-beach favorite – fried calamari, Greek salad, French fries, and a light blond beer and enjoy the splash of waves with every bite!

🍽️ Apolonio Grill House: A great place for dinner in Pollonia village, again just a short distance from Sarakiniko. Not only do they serve great meat dishes and amazing salads, but they do so at affordable prices.

🍽️ Alevromilos: At 2.6 miles from Sarakiniko, on the road to Adamas, Alevromilos (flour mill in Greek), serves beautiful Cycladic cuisine, with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

FAQ about Sarakinkino Beach, Milos Island

1. Can you swim in Sarakiniko Beach?

Swimming at Sarakiniko Beach is fantastic. There is both a small beach and a larger one and sea caves to swim in. You can enter the water by the small sandy beach or sliding off the rocks, or by the very popular cliff jumping.

2. Is Sarakiniko worth exploring?

Absolutely! It is one of the most unique locations in Greece with a rocky moonscape and coves, cliffs, tunnels, unusual rock formations, a shipwreck, and a lovely small beach to explore.

3. How much time do I need around Sarakiniko Beach?

The minimum time to spend at Sarakinkiko Beach is a few hours if you want to explore it all, but you can stay a whole beach day too.

4. Are there any tourist facilities at Sarakiniko?

No, nothing except for a food truck by the parking lot and amazing scenery. Bring along all you need for a day out, not forgetting the drinking water! 

5. How high is the cliff jump in Milos?

The cliff jump at the cove at Sarakiniki Beach is approximately 20 feet high. It hasn’t been measured, so this is an estimate. It’s not a particularly high cliff jump, but it is extremely popular because the moonscape scenery and the color of the water is so spectacular.

6. What is the best time of day to go to Sarakiniko Beach?

The best two times of day to visit Sarakiniko Beach are early morning, before 10 am when you can sometimes have the whole Beach to yourself, and during Golden Hour, to watch the sunset.

7. How far is it from Plaka to Sarakiniko?

The distance from Plaka to Sarakiniko is 4.9 km via Dimokratias and Epar.Od. Triovasalou – Apollonion and 5.1 km via Epar.Od. Triovasalou – Apollonion. Both ways take 11 minutes to drive between Plaka to Sarakiniko Beach.

8. Which side of Milos is less windy?

The south side of Milos Island is usually less windy than the north side which is why you should choose a day without much wind to visit stunning Sarakiniko Beach on the north side of Milos Island.

9. When not to visit Sarakiniko?

Avoid visiting when the northern winds are strong. Ask locals before you go.