8 Best Beaches in Tinos

8 Best Beaches in Tinos

The best beaches in Tinos are some of the best beaches in the Greek Cyclades islands, but don’t tell anyone! The beaches are diverse and range from pebbly to sandy beaches, and from fully organized beaches to secluded ones where the only amenity is natural shade. Here’s a comprehensive guide for everything you need to know about the 8 best beaches in Tinos for your next vacation.

Tinos Island

Tinos Island is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, and one of the Cyclades group of islands. It is less than 4 hours to Santorini, only 80 minutes to Paros and Naxos, and only 35 minutes by ferry from Mykonos.

Tinos Chora, Tinos Island, Cyclades Group, Greece

For centuries it has been a famous destination for Christians in Greece and abroad, as there are more than 1000 churches on this island.

Among them is the Holy Church of the Virgin Mary Evangelistria at Tinos, the most well-known church in Greece.

However, in recent years, Tinos island has become one of the most popular Greek islands for eco-holidays as well, as more people discover the beauty of the villages and the beaches of the island.

Map of Tinos Island

Tinos Map
Tinos Map

How to get to (and around) Tinos

You can get to Tinos by ferry from Athens. You can either start your journey in Piraeus, the largest port in Greece, or Rafina, the smaller port in Athens further away from the city.

The trip takes around four hours, depending on the type of ferry you choose.

Boarding a Fast Ferries ferry at Tinos Port, Tinos Island, Greece
Boarding a Fast Ferries ferry at Tinos Port to Rafina, Greece

Tinos town contains the port, and from there you can walk to the bus station to get around the island. Tinos town is the busiest place on the island with many shops, restaurants, and bars.

If you’d like to discover the villages of Tinos island, choose one to be your base and explore the rest of the island from there by renting a car.

Public transport does not cover the whole island with regular routes and frequent timings. Driving is easy, there’s only one main road around the island with very little traffic on it.

Having your own vehicle will allow you to visit all the best beaches in Tinos, as well as the villages dotted around the island in the most convenient way.

Find the best hotels across Tinos Island

1. Kolimpithra Beach

Kolimpithra is a bay in the north of Tinos and it is actually two beaches: Big Kolympithra and Small Kolimpithra (Mikri Ammos and Megali Ammos). Both of them are sandy and have crystal-clear waters.

Kolimpithra Beach, Tinos
Kolimpithra Beach, Tinos

The small beach offers sun loungers and umbrellas and there is a restaurant that serves local delicacies.

The larger beach has a canteen that offers snacks and drinks and small umbrellas that look like mushrooms! Apart from the umbrellas, the beach is not organized and is usually not very crowded.

Many of the beaches in Tinos are in the north, and when there is a north wind blowing, there can be large waves and the wind can make lying on the beach unpleasant.

Of course, this means the beach is ideal for surf lovers, as you can rent your gear there and try to catch a wave.

Tip: The beaches on the north of Tinos are best on calm days unless you want to surf.

Where to Eat

Taste local food with great views, right on the beach, at Drakonisi.

2. Livada Beach

Livada Beach is the pebbly part of Livada Bay. It has a wild beauty and is one of the most impressive in Tinos.

There are twisted rocks on the shore that have been created over time by the wind and saltwater.

Picturesque Livada Bay and beach
Picturesque Livada Bay and Beach

acilities so make sure to pack your own.

Access to the beach is made through a dirt road which might be challenging if you have a small car.

You will share the beach with its residents, goats that find shade in the caves that the rocks form. Watch out if they approach – they want to steal your food!

Where to Eat

At only six kilometers from Livada, you will find the beautiful village of Falatados. You can have a nice lunch or dinner at Bread and Salt.

3. Agios Ioannis Porto Bay

In the south part of Tinos, you’ll find Agios Ioannis Porto beach. It is a protected bay behind Agia Kyriaki peninsula.

This beach is one of the most cosmopolitan and you can find restaurants, beach bars, and various stores there. There are parts of the beach with sun loungers and umbrellas.

The beach is covered by sand with small stones. The waters are crystal clear and shallow, and that’s why this beach is ideal for families with children.

The bay is surrounded by rocky hills and there are many luxury hotels in the area. Also, the famous beach bar La La Louza is situated here (see pic above), where you can enjoy a drink or snack.

Where to Eat

Traditional Greek dishes with meat and seafood are offered at Akti Aegeou Restaurant.

4. Agios Sostis Beach

A short walk from Agios Ioannis Porto with take you to the beach of Agios Sostis.

Agios Sostis Beach, Tinos Island
Agios Sostis Beach, Tinos Island

This beach offers fine sand, and many trees that create natural shade, and you can find a beach bar with sun loungers and umbrellas and a couple of restaurants within walking distance.

The water is clear and warm, and most of the time calm, even on windy days. Thus, the beach is family-friendly even with smaller children. At one end of the beach, there is the church of Agios Sostis, which stands since the 19th century.

Where to Eat

Enjoy food and drinks, including their signature cocktails at Kapari.

5. Agios Fokas Beach

Agios Fokas beach is a long sandy beach close to Tinos town.

Agios Fokas Beach, Tinos Island
Agios Fokas Beach, Tinos Island

It is a lovely beach with only one part of it being organized while the other part remains unspoiled with only a few trees offering shade to its visitors.

There are beach bars where you can have food and drinks, and rent sun loungers and umbrellas. The calm waters and the soft sand make the beach family-friendly.

Also, on the road directly on top of the beach, you can enjoy a scenic route for a run or a walk.

Where to Eat

Try some fine Mediterranean cuisine at Olive in Vrekastro

6. Agios Petros Beach

Agios Petros is a secluded beach in the southern part of the island.

It is close to the beautiful small village of Kardiani, and it can be reached via a 2 2-kilometer dirt road that is 2 km long. Also, at the end of the road, you’ll need to walk for a few minutes to reach the beach.

There is a large rock that separates the beach in two and on the top of it stands the church of Agios Petros since the 16th century. This is a sandy beach with calm and clear waters.

There are no facilities on the beach or trees for natural shade so you should bring your own umbrella, drinks, and snacks.

Where to Eat

After your swim, head to On Tinos for amazing seafood dishes.

7. Agios Romanos Beach

Agios Romanos is one of the most beautiful beaches in Tinos, situated in the south and it’s become my favorite because of the sand, shade, and calm water.

Agios Romanos Beach, Tinos Island
Agios Romanos Beach, Tinos Island

The sandy beach offers crystal clear waters and is protected by the wind, so it’s a great choice for very windy days.

Agios Romanos is also a family-friendly beach as the sand is soft and the sea is always calm.

At one end of the beach, you’ll find the beach bar with sun loungers and umbrellas. The rest of the beach is not organized but there is natural shade.

Agios Romanos Beach and Bay, Tinos
Agios Romanos Beach and Bay, Tinos

Where to Eat

At a short drive from Agios Romanos, you will find the area of Kionia and taste fresh food at Tsampia.

8. Rochari Beach (Panormos Bay)

Rochari Beach is one of the best beaches in Tinos. It is in the north part of the island, very close to the fishing village of Panormos.

Rochari Beach, Tinos Island
Rochari Beach, Tinos Island

The beach is long and covered in fine sand. There is a very impressive beach bar that offers sun loungers and umbrellas as well as wooden kiosks with cushions.

Great cocktails and snacks are served and you’ll sometimes find live music in the evenings.

The beach also has trees and it is easy to park your car as there is plenty of space. Also, you can rent gear and try several different water sports.

If you choose this beach for a swim, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the village of Pyrgos. Pyrgos is the biggest and according to many, the most beautiful village in Tinos, and is only a few minutes away from Panormos.

In fact, a day spent in Pyrgos and beautiful Panormos Bay is a great one-day itinerary when you’re holidaying on Tinos.

Where to Eat

Try local mezzes at Panormos at Sima.

Other beaches on Tinos to visit

  • Kionia Beach (known for its many restaurants)
  • Santa Margarita Beach
  • Agia Thalassa (cove)
  • Giannaki Beach