21 Top Tinos Hotels Across the Island [2024]

21 Top Tinos Hotels Across the Island [2024]

The main town of Tinos, Chora, has the highest number of best Tinos Hotels, but since 2020, many new luxury suite and villa hotels have opened on Tinos’s excellent beaches but also in its secret villages that are yet to be discovered by mass tourism. Here’s a guide to the newest and highest-quality Tinos Hotels for all budgets in all the main towns and villages.

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Best Luxury Hotel: Diles & Rinies

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Best Beach Hotel: Infinity View Hotel Tinos

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What to Know Before You Book

I might be biased, but I travel to many Greek islands each year, and I’m not sure I’ve seen one (apart from Santorini), that is as beautiful as Tinos. I think it is the Sleeping Beauty of the Cyclades.

Tinos town is sleepy and has a slight air of shabbiness about it. It’s like Naxos or Paros 20 years ago.

Tinos landscape towards the east coast, Tinos, Greece
Tinos landscape towards the east coast, Tinos, Greece

Your jaw will drop as you travel along the coastal and mountain roads of this stunningly beautiful island – it’s impossible to tear your eyes away from the villages built around the sea coves and in the steep valleys.

The pace of life on Tinos is slower than nearby Mykonos, Paros, and Naxos.

The island is less developed but it is a treasure trove of hidden gems – from outstanding accommodation to eco-friendly farms and organic produce, to the freshest seafood and homemade jewelry, ceramics, crafts, oil, honey, and preserves.

Most of all, Tinos is a walker’s paradise. Its valleys of dovecotes, rocky mountain villages full of basket weavers, and mountain-to-sea ancient paths, are perhaps unrivaled on the Greek islands.

As you can tell, I think Tinos is a hidden paradise that just needs a coat of paint to be the hottest new Greek holiday destination.

In this guide to the 31 best Tinos Hotels, I’ve been ruthless in removing from more traditional lists of Tinos accommodations some of the older hotels with smaller rooms.

They have lovely owners and great reviews, but there have also been new hotels opening each year since 2019.

The Best 21 Tinos Hotels across the island

Map of Tinos Island
Map of Tinos Island

Tinos Town (Chora)

There is more accommodation in Tinos Town (Chora) than anywhere else on the island. It’s convenient to the Port and has more conveniences and hire car places than the rest of the island.

1. Vincenzo Family Hotel

Aqua Suite, Vincenzo Family Hotel, Tinos, Greece
Image caption.

This surprising hotel wins a slew of awards every year for its perfect guest ratings.

This is a hotel full of character and charm with food from their own farm and a garden terrace at the heart of the hotel.

The excellent and warm hospitality of the owners, the Family rooms, and the Aqua Suite elevate what would otherwise be comfortable, clean rooms into a special stay and one of the best hotels in Tinos Chora.

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2. Infinity View

Infinity View in Tinos, Greece
Image caption.

This recently built four-star beachfront hotel has both direct sea views and rooms with private plunge pools.

It is on the outskirts of Tinos town, just a 5-minute walk from Stavros Beach.

The minimalist in style, but very well-equipped rooms, together with exceptional breakfast, Aegean Sea views, and infinity pool of the hotel make this place one of the travelers’ favorite luxury hotels around the town of Tinos.  

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3. Nama Boutique Hotel

Nama Boutique Hotel in Tinos, Greece
Image caption.

The all-white Nama Boutique Hotel is a classic Greek Island high-rise seafront building with renovated and beautifully decorated rooms.

Centrally located in the heart of Tinos town and just steps away from the port, some of its rooms are sea-view units and some look over the town landscape.

The rooms are compact in size, but large in aesthetics. Together with a central location and attentive service, Nama is favored by visitors looking for island exploration and town vibes.

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4. Tinos Villages Suites and Villa

Tinos Villages Suites And Villa, Greece
Image caption.

Family-owned and run, Tinos Villages is a collection of several ultra-minimalist rooms with great breakfast included.

This small but well-located micro-resort is set 6 km (3.7 miles) from the main town of Tinos, just above the beach of Agios Ioannis.

Wood, bamboo, cotton, and other natural materials dominate both inside and outside the rooms, contributing to the serenity of the whole setting.

Although close to Tinos town, it is better suited for beach vacations and not urban exploration.

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5. Lithos Luxury Suites

Lithos Luxury Suites in Tinos, Greece
Image caption.

Set on a small uphill street in the town of Tinos, Lithos is one of the most affordable 4-star hotels in Tinos during the high season.

This family-owned place with a very high satisfaction rate from visitors all over the world seems to be a very good deal and a top pick among the main village accommodation choices.

The rooms are everything a Greek island family-owned hotel should be – equipped with comfortable beds, large TV sets, and powerful AC units.

Plus, it offers private exploring the whole island.

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6. Tinos Resort

Image caption.

Every island has its grand-dame hotels – small buildings or palaces where the island simplicity meets the opulence of stately homes from the bygone eras.

Tinos Resort is one of them, so expect walnut chests, marble countertops, and other selected antique pieces along the corridors and a nice enclosed pool, perfect for windy days.

This all-suite four-star hotel offers units with at least one separate bedroom, which means it can welcome up to four or five people per suite, a great option for large parties.

I found it perfect for myself and my adult daughter as we were able to sleep in separate rooms.

Another plus is the unparalleled views of the harbor and the ships arriving or departing Tinos Island.

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7. White Holidays Project

White Holidays Project in Tinos, Greece
Image caption.

These luxurious self-catering studios are within walking distance of Tinos town, but feels like they are miles away in the countryside!

Modern, big, and bright apartments in Cycladic style with plunge pools and outdoor relaxing areas are set in well-maintained gardens, with the closest beach of Agios Fokas being around 1.7km away.

I think they are sophisticated with a calm ambiance – perfect for a romantic stay.

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8. AELIA Tinos

AELIA Tinos, Greece
Image caption.

Guests praise Aelia for its spacious suites and the balconies that open up to the garden and the Aegean Sea.

It is located on the eastern outskirts of Tinos town, some 700 meters from the port and 500 from Stavros beach.

This all-suite hotel offers units that can accommodate from 3 to 9 people and each comes with a fully equipped kitchen (excellent for families traveling with kids).

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Agios Fokas Beach

If it’s more of a beach holiday you’re after, then the main beach accommodation is just southeast of Tinos Town, especially:

  • Agios Fokas Beach,
  • Agios Sostis Beach,
  • Laouti Beach (Skyladari), and
  • Agios Ioannis Beach.

These beaches are only 3.5 km to 7 km (2.2 miles to 4.4 miles) from the Chora and the Port and are relaxed and full of beach bars and restaurants.

9. Golden Beach Hotel & Apartments

Golden Beach Hotel & Apartments, Tinos, Greece
Image caption.

This 3-star hotel consists of studios and suites built in the traditional island architectural style with arched rooms, plenty of wood, and lots of light.

Set in lush gardens, the property opens up to the beach of Agios Fokas, which makes it a good option for those not inclined toward island exploration and looking forward to some lazy beach days and relaxation.

Tinos town is close enough, some 30 minutes on foot, so you can spend your evenings discovering all the restaurants and bars without compromising on the daytime beach activities.

One of the best value-for-money beachfront accommodations this side of Tinos island.

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10. Diles and Rinies

Diles and Rinies in Tinos, Greece
Image caption.

Another high-ground location above the beach of Agios Fokas, Diles & Rinies is actually a villa complex beautifully decorated in BoHo chic aesthetics, meaning a lot of wood, bamboo, rugs, ropes, and stone.

You can book everything from a two-bedroom villa with a private pool for 5 people to a whole Eight-Villa Estate with an event venue that accommodates up to 55 people, making this place one of the island’s favorites for wedding celebrations.

It is one of the more popular hotels on this side of the island.

The beach of Agios Fokas is around 2km, while the town of Tinos is 5km away from the property.

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Agios Sostis

11. Tinos Blend Suites

Tinos Blend Suites in Tinos, Greece
Image caption.

This new villa-only complex is set on a slope, 2.6km (1.6 miles) away from the beach of Agios Sostis and 4km (2.5 miles) away from the archaeological museum of Tinos.

The hotel interiors and exterior follow a strict minimalism with sharp, clean edges, while the garden features beautiful large hammocks.

This property serves breakfast in each villa, so might be a good choice for those seeking an additional level of privacy.

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12. Cavos

Cavos in Tinos, Greece
Image caption.

If you are looking for self-catering studios on the very beach, Cavos might be one of the best options on the island.

That’s because of its great location, private bathroom, powerful air conditioning units, and a very comfy bed in each of its spacious rooms.

Cavos is just a few steps from Agios Sostis Beach and 5.5 km (3.4 miles) away from Tinos Port.

Although most of the accommodation units are studios with sea views and balconies, there are several suites with private plunge pools available.

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Laouti Beach

13. Mr & Mrs White Tinos Boutique Resort

Mr and Mrs White Tinos Boutique Resort in Tinos, Greece
Image caption.

A quiet 4-star hotel retreat above Agios Ioannis Beach. With a large pool and traditional Cycladic white-blue-gray colors, this place offers unpretentious luxury with great views.

The location is 6.5 km (4 miles) away from Tinos Port and because it is perched on top of a small hill, it is best suited for a visit when the winds are not blowing strongly.

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14. Couvaros Hotel

Couvaros Hotel in Tinos, Greece
Image caption.

Couvaros Hotel is a very nice option for those looking for a location around Agios Ioannis beach (2 min on foot) without indulging in luxurious hotels.

Further on, Pachia Ammos Beach is 2.7 km (1.7 miles) away and Tinos Port is around 6.6 km (4 miles) to the east.

The rooms are modern with an island touch to them, featuring a kitchen, air conditioning, and flat-screen TV sets.

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15. Sunset Junior Suites

Sunset Junior Suites, Tinos, Greece
Image caption.

This all-villa hotel set high above Agios Ioannis Bay of Tinos has one of the largest private pools on the island.

Big and comfortable rooms are new and well equipped, with sweeping sea views, best enjoyed from its sun terrace.

The town of Tinos is 6 km (3.7 miles) away, so do consider this property if you have a car or a motorbike.

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Good accommodation can also be found to the north of Tinos Chora. Triantaros is 7 km (4.4 miles) northeast of Tinos Town.

16. Tinos Habitart

Tinos Habitart in Tinos, Greece
Image caption.

Located further inland in the Triandáros region of Tinos, Tinos Habitart place offers an alternative vibe to the all-white hotels of the coast.

Mostly built in raw stone and with colorful rooms, Tinos Habitart is a villa-only property, suited to families or large parties (or couples liking a little privacy and space).

Abundant outdoor space with large swimming pools makes it popular when you don’t want to head down to the beach or the main town of Tinos which is 6 km (3.7 miles) away.

Villas include all the comforts, from a very welcoming host, and free Wi-Fi, to the dishwasher and washing machine in each kitchen.

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17. Tinos Dove Suites

Tinos Dove Suites, Greece
Image caption.

Another atypical hotel in Triandáros built on the cascades of a hill slope with pool and mountain views.

The rooms are super-sleek with contemporary aesthetics and even private indoor pools, while the whole place has a comfortable hip vibe to it. Lots of outdoor spaces with good views all around.

Bike rentals, billiard, and breakfast consisting of fresh local produce are available to the guests. Close to the picturesque villages of Tinos.

It’s these kinds of quality new hotels that are making Tinos such a special holiday spot.

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18. Aeolis Tinos Suites

Aeolis Tinos Suites, Tinos, Greece
Image caption.

One of the best ways to tell if a hotel is good or not is the repeat clientele and there are many reviews of guests returning year after year and rating the hotel 10/10.

Choose from private pool or outdoor jetted hot tub suites with sea views, and take advantage of room service, a wonderful Italian restaurant, a bar, and an outdoor swimming pool and sun terrace.

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Agios Romanos

Only 8 km (5 miles) to the northwest of Tinos town is the spectacular village of Agios Romanos.

19. Aura Villas Tinos

Aura Villas Tinos, Greece
Image caption.

This is a new property opened recently on a slope above Vourni Beach, which is just 300 meters away. It has great reviews praising its facilities and location.

The luxury villas each have a private pool and are landscaped for privacy without spoiling the sea views.

The interior furnishings are a disciplined pared-back modern minimalism with lots of marble, rattan, and wood.

Steni is the second largest village after Pyrgos (it still has less than 300 residents) and is 11 kilometers (7 miles) northeast of Chora.

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Kardiana is 17 km (10.6 miles) northwest of Tinos Town

20. Living Theros Luxury Suites

Living Theros Luxury Suites in Tinos, Greece
Image caption.

I’m a little in love with the private seafront terraces of this hotel. This is one of those places that you see and instantly say wow!

Set high in the hills, in the village of Kardiani, this place fuses traditional Greek stone and marble architecture with modern materials to produce a stunning look.

For me, this place was the destination in itself and I could lounge in its pools for days on end (also possible because all rooms feature a coffee machine).

It is far from the coast, so not best suited for those wishing for a beach holiday, but perfect setting for island exploration as the famous Marble Art Museum of Tinos is 9 km/ 5.6 miles away.  

Although the property has no parking, free public parking is available at the entrance to the village.

One of the very best hotels for two guests who like to roam around the island and its beautiful villages.

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Nestled at the foot of Tsiknias Mountain, Steni is the largest village in Tinos, and is 11 km (6.8 miles) northeast of Tinos Chora (town).

21. White Tinos

White Tinos in Greece
Image caption.

The three suites at three-star White Tinos in Steni Village are just superb. It’s one of my very favorite views of the island and the Aegean Sea.

And whilst they’re called ‘suites,’ they’re more like small houses with little gardens, courtyards, and terraces.

Large rooms in white and natural materials give this a homely but modern and minimalist feel. I think they’re terrific.

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