Folegandros Sunset: The 7 Best Spots

Folegandros Sunset: The 7 Best Spots

If you’re able to watch the Folegandros sunset then you can be assured you are watching the very best sunset in the Aegean Sea except for the beautiful Santorini sunset. However, sunset in Folegandros is not a mad tourist crush, and in this article, you’ll find the 7 best places to watch the sunset on Folegandros Island, Greece.

Folegandros Greece

The small island of Folegandros is part of the Cyclades island chain in the Southern Aegean Sea. Second only to Santorini in terms of Greek island sunset destinations, Folegandros has discovered tourism but largely manages to cling to a quiet rural lifestyle.

Folegandros Map

Map of Folegandros

The only main road through the center of the island is about 15 km in length, and there are only three substantial villages: Chora, the medieval town that is the heart of Folegandros, Ano Meria, a traditional village in the hills, and the seaside port village of Karavostatis.

The most popular beaches include Agali and Ampeli and there are luxury as well as budget hotels in all of these villages and seaside strips.

You can read my full travel guide to Folegandros for more information about the whole island, as well as my comprehensive guide to the main town, Chora Folegandros.

Where to Watch the Folegandros Sunset

Folegandros is famous for its cliff-hanging Chora offering unparalleled sunset views.

You can find a good sunset viewing spot from pretty much anywhere that is above sea level, including terraces, hiking trails, and villages like Ano Meria. You can also find a great view from a few of the beaches, so read on to find the best one.

Here are my 7 favorite spots to watch the sunsets on this beautiful Greek island.

1. The Church of Panagia of Folegandros

The Church of Panagia (Virgin Mary) of Folegandros is perched on the cliffs of Folegandros looking to the west. Here you’ll see the sun slip below the horizon over the northwest tip of the island.

The view from in front ot the Church of Panagia above Chora Folegandros
The view from in front of the Church of Panagia above Chora Folegandros

It’s fair to say that of the many favorite spots around the island, you should put this one on your Folegandros itinerary at least once, because above or just below the church is the No. 1 place to watch the sunset in Folegandros.

The climb up the hill behind Chora along the winding path to the church takes 15 minutes and requires some exertion (especially if your champagne is heavy).

Your reward is to witness the most peaceful and beautiful sunset on the Greek islands apart from Santorini. Whilst there will be other tourists here, you just need to head a little higher or lower and you’ll usually find a rock or step all to yourself.

2. Pounta Square, Folegandros Chora

The best location for a sunset viewing in Chora is undoubtedly Pounta Square.

Sunset-from-Pounta Square-of-Folegandros-main-town-Folegandros-Island-Greece
Sunset from Pounta Square, Chora Folegandros, Greece

It gets a little crowded here in the summer season, but we’re not talking about the kind of insane crush of bodies at Oia Castle in Santorini.

It’s very easy to get to Pounta Square. Google Maps describes it as the “Pounta Panoramic View.” Here’s a map of Chora. Pounta Square is No. 7.

Chora Folegandros Map

Pounta Square has places to sit while you wait for the sun to set and the lookout itself is a large semi-circle with a low concrete wall.

3. Kastro Street, Folegandros Chora

Kastro is an interesting place to watch the sunset in Folegandros, but more for a good pic than for a “wow” moment.

Kastro Street one hour before sunset, Chora Folegandros, Greece

4. The Terraces and Hills of Chora

Chora is 350 meters (0.22 miles) above sea level and so long as you don’t have a building in front of you, and you’re facing west, you’re going to be able to see a sunset in Folegandros.

Here’s a sunset from a private terrace in Chora:

Private patio in Chora, built on the edge of a cliff, Chora Folegandros, Greece
Private patio in Chora, built on the edge of a cliff, Chora Folegandros, Greece

And here’s a sunset from a higher terrace far above sea level in Chora:

Cliff-hanging sun terrace high above sea level in Chora, Folegandros, Greece

5. Ampeli Beach

I’m not suggesting that Ampeli Beach is the only beach to explore the sunsets over the island, but it does put on a spectacular show.

Sunset from Ampeli Beach, Folegandros, Greece
Sunset from Ampeli Beach, Folegandros, Greece

Much more secluded beaches exist around the shoreline, even in high season and you won’t have to dodge tourists to find a sandy spot to watch the sun go down over the sea.

Other beaches exist on the northwestern shoreline that also have good views of the sun setting in the west toward the tip of the island.

At the tip of the island on the north is the tiny Chrysopigi church which is another great spot for sunsets.

6. Around Ano Meria

The “Sunset Taverna” didn’t just dream up its name – it even has a “sunset window” so that you can join the locals at this restaurant, order some traditional village food, and eat and drink as you keep an eye on the sunset.

Sunset window in Sunset Taverna, Ano Meria, Folegandros, Greece
Sunset window in Sunset Taverna, Ano Meria, Folegandros, Greece

In fact, there are a bunch of other places, including hotels, in Ano Meria that have the word “sunset” in their name which tips us off that sunset over the island is a definite Ano Meria tourist attraction.

7. At Sea

A sunset cruise is another astonishing way to watch a beautiful sunset and marries together sunset watching with a boat tour, one of the top things to do in Folegandros.

Watch the sunset from the sea around Folegandros, Greece
Watch the sunset from the sea around Folegandros, Greece

Golden Waves offers a 3-hour sunset cruise that leaves from Agali Beach.

Island Spirit Cruises offers a 2-hour sunset cruise.