9 Best Hydra Beaches: Where to Swim in Paradise

9 Best Hydra Beaches: Where to Swim in Paradise

Searching for the best beautiful Hydra beaches for swimming, diving, and sunbathing? You can find all the information you need to choose the best Hydra beach in my guide to the best 9 beaches in Hydra.

There are no easily accessible sandy beaches on Hydra Island, but its pebbled or stone and concrete platform ones are second to none. Follow my Hydra beach guide and get all the information on gorgeous beaches around Hydra Island.

Hydra Island

Hydra, a jewel of the Saronic Islands group (located between Argolic Gulf and Saronic Gulf), is one of the closest islands to Athens.

Nevertheless, it is unique in cosmopolitan character, traditional architecture, artists’ presence, and above all, a harsh geography that gave the island its local nickname – the Rock.

Hydra Port, Greece
Hydra Port, Greece

Hydra is one of the most unique islands in Greece. An hour’s ferry ride from Athens, it is a popular day trip or short break destination.

Filled with history, contemporary art, great food ranging from simple gyros to upscale restaurants above the sea, age-old monasteries and picturesque hiking trails around Mount Eros, Hydra is a sightseeing heaven bound to steal your heart.

Hydra is one of the very few totally pedestrian islands in Greece, a place where no vehicles are allowed (not even scooters or bicycles).

You can always order a sea taxi or a donkey ride though.
You can always order a sea taxi or a donkey ride though.

Although the main and only town is right next to the port, some of Hydra’s best beaches are a minimum of 30 minutes away on foot.

Hydra is a Greek answer to Cannes and Capri, with global royals, celebrities, and artists rubbing shoulders with Athens’ elite and local fishermen.

With a reputation as one of the hubs of the Med’s high life, Hydra is the old-money Mykonos.  


The coastal road from Hydra Town
The coastal road from Hydra Town

Daytrip boats leave the port regularly, making the beach excursions a popular and easy option. Whether it’s one of the beaches that follow the coastline from the town or one further away, the deep blue Aegean Sea awaits!

TIP: Bring swimming shoes along as no sandy beaches on Hydra Island.

1. Spilia Beach – Hydra town

The closest beach to Hydra town and port, Spilia is one of its trademark locations and a must-visit for every traveler to Hydra.

Formed by the rocks on the left-side of the port on the coastal road leading to Kamini, Spilia is named after a small water cave that sits right below the beach bar.

Spilia Beach (front)
Spilia Beach (front)

Steep rocks and gray concrete platforms form a perfect spot for diving into the deep and dark blue Aegean Sea right in front of the bar.

The concrete platforms to the back are great for sunbathing and watching the passing beach boats, yachts, and sea taxis.

Spilia Beach (back)
Spilia Beach (back)

Also, Spilia is one of the rare places where you can jump into the sea from a height of several meters.

Characteristics: Rocks and concrete bathing platforms, stainless steel ladders to the sea, and a jumping platform. Shade only in the beach bar.  

TIP: You don’t have to swim to enjoy Spilia’s location. Bring a good book, order a drink and watch who gets in and out of the port.

2. Hydronetta Beach – Hydra Town

Continuing on the coastal road, right next (and adjoining) Spilia is Hydronetta Beach.

Hydronetta Beach, Hydra Island
Hydronetta Beach, Hydra Island

Similar in style to Spilia, it is mostly rock and concrete plateaus with steel ladder entrances. However, while Spilia catches the morning sun, Hydronetta is west-oriented and gets sun rays all day.

That’s why its popular with teenagers, late risers, and the hip crowd. Its beach bar offers great sunset cocktails and other facilities.

The Boy on a Dolphin monument above Hydronetta
The Boy on a Dolphin monument above Hydronetta

TIP: In the first international movie shot in Hydra – Boy on a Dolphin – Sophia Loren dances a Greek dance right above the beach, on the famous “cannon” platform. A monument to the movie in the form of a dolphin is above the beach, on the coastal road.

3. Avlaki Beach

Avlaki is the first real beach you come across after leaving Hydra town.

Road to Avlaki beach with stairs leading to the seaside
Road to Avlaki Beach with stairs leading to the seaside

A pebble beach ringed by pine trees, Avlaki Beach is one of the favorite swimming spots of locals.

Avlaki is quite small, with narrow strips of pebbles and several concrete platforms of different heights, some of which are shaded by pine trees.


Avlaki Beach, Hydra, Greece
Avlaki Beach, Hydra, Greece

Avlaki is 900 meters away from Hydra’s port, right on the coastal road along which, if you travel in August, you will find ripe wild figs ready to pick them up.

Steep steps lead from the road to the beach, right next to a wonderful Téchnē restaurant.

There are no facilities at the beach, but the restaurant above serves delicious meals and drinks.

Characteristics: Pebbles and concrete platforms, walk-in and ladder entrance, limited natural shade, no facilities on the spot, and walking distance from Hydra port.

TIP: Bring your camera and catch local boys jumping from high rocks on the right. Or bring your snorkel gear and discover just how quickly the deep sea starts. It’s amazing to see and to realize that you are actually looking at the island rising up from the sea.  

4. Kamini Beach

Kamini is the first village in Hydra after the town and although it is just under a mile away, it has joined up with the central Hydra settlement.

Small colorful harbor Kamini
Kamini Harbor, Hydra

A 15-minute walk along the coast road brings you to this fishermen’s settlement with a pebble beach at the far end of the village.

After a small marina head to the Castello, a 1700s fort converted to a bar and restaurant, under which a pebble beach awaits. Parasols and loungers are available on-site, while the bar with all the facilities caters to snacks, drinks, and good vibes.

Castello Hydra and Kamini Beach
Castello Hydra and Kamini Beach

You can also take a water taxi (around €20) as far as Avlaki.   

This is the most protected beach in Hydra, so naturally it is one of the best beaches for families with kids.

Characteristics: Small pebbly beach with easy walk-in access, shade under the bar’s parasols. Great for families, walking distance from Hydra port.

TIP: If in Kamini, plan a lunch in a delicious Kodylenias taverna right above the small marina.

5. Vlichos Beach (Vlychos Beach)

From Kamini, continue along the coast route until you reach the village of Vlychos (Vlichos), which is just under 2 miles or about a 45-minute walk from Hydra town.

Here you’ll find an organized beach (also called Vlychos Plakes Beach) with beautifully clear water, a mix of sand and pebbles, gentle access to the sea, and protection from the winds.

Vlychos Plakes Beach, Hydra Island, Greece
Vlychos Plakes Beach, Hydra Island, Greece

Although the entrance is gradual, the pebbles can be hard on feet, so you might want to consider wearing water shoes.

There’s more to the town than just Vlichos Beach. Vlichos has many picturesque tavernas, but the best one by far is Taverna Marina, opened by Marina Lempesi in 1963, making it one of the oldest eateries in Hydra.

Celebrating life in Taverna Marina with the uninhabited islet of Dokos on the horizon
Celebrating life in Taverna Marina with the uninhabited islet of Dokos on the horizon

The story of her struggle to succeed is embedded in every dish she still supervises in the kitchens. Great fresh fish and amazing views too.

Characteristics: Pebbles with an easy walk-in access. Facilities, umbrellas and loungers by the local beach bar, with some accommodation options as well. Great for families.

Regular beach boat tours Hydra town – Vlychos (€5).

TIP: Vlychos is the last beach you can reach on foot from Hydra town following the coast road.

6. Bisti Beach

If you want to visit off-the-beaten-track beaches in Hydra, Bisti Beach is the easiest option, as the beach boats run a regular service to and from it.

Located on the western side of the island in a secluded bay, it has a pebbly surface and direct sea access.

A local bar provides basic facilities, umbrellas, sun lounges, snacks, drinks, and toilets.

Bisti Beach, Hydra Island
Bisti Beach, Hydra Island

Bisti is run by a diving club, so it is a good spot for underwater exploration, snorkeling, water sports, and family beach fun. Drag your sun lounger under the shade of the pine trees.

Characteristics: Pebbles with an easy walk-in access. Facilities, umbrellas and loungers by the local diving club. and a snack bar.

Great for families, very clear blue waters. Regular beach boat tours Hydra harbor – Bisti (€20 return) and water taxi (€100) – a good option for a large group.

7. Agios Nikolaos Beach

This white pebbly beach is on the deserted south coast of the island. A star among remote Hydra beaches, it is snuggled between rocky cliffs.

It is a long U-shaped beach that slopes into an amazingly blue open sea.

Agios Nikolaos Beach, Hydra, Credit: Michelangelo Delu'
Agios Nikolaos Beach, Hydra, Credit: Michelangelo Delu’

You can reach Agios Nikolaos beach by a 30-minute boat ride from Hydra Harbor, on the same route that goes to Bitsi Beach.

Parasols, loungers, and snacks/drinks are available from the small cantina on the beach.

This beach leaves a lasting impression, mainly due to the crystal clear waters, the barren landscape behind it, and open sea to the horizon.

Characteristics: Pebbles with a walk-in access. Facilities (including toilets) by the beach cantina. Boat excursions from Hydra Harbor (€22 return) and water taxis (€140).

TIP: The small church of St. Nicholas is a few steps into the hill and offers amazing views.

Mandraki Bay Beaches

Mandraki Bay is the only beach on my list that is located on the other side of the coast road from Hydra town.

8. Mandraki Beach Resort

Taking the road past Kavos castle on the right side of the port, and past the amazing DESTE Art Foundation project space (known as the Sfageia) with recent installations by Jeff Koons, after around 1.5 miles (½ hour walking distance from Hydra port) you will come across Hydra’s only sandy beach.

Mandraki Beach Resort, Hydra
Mandraki Beach Resort, Hydra Island

This beach is run by Mandraki Beach Resort. The slopes are covered in cushion-insulated sunbeds, parasols, and service buttons to summon your waiter for prompt service!

The beach set for 2 is €30 (drinks not included in the price). The restaurant has the best sushi on the island, and all the facilities you could possibly want for a day at the beach are here.

Characteristics: Sandy beach, has a serene atmosphere, gentle access, changing rooms, and luxury facilities. Sea taxis are available for around €30.

9. Mandraki 1800

Mandraki 1800 is a great beach just before Mandraki Bay and you will find it in front of a Greek café called 1800.

A cheaper option than Mandraki Bay, you can enjoy this side of the island with deck chairs, umbrellas, snacks, and drinks.

Characteristics: Pebbles with some sand, well organized, but still only a half-hour walk from Hydra’s harbor.