Do People in Greece Speak English? And does it matter in 2024?


Do people in Greece speak English? Yes, many people in Greece speak English and in this article, you’ll learn how common English is in Greece, and all about street signs, public transportation, menus, guided tours, and medical facilities as well as a few words of Greek to help you travel through Greece without worrying about … Read more

Mosquitoes in Greece: Easy ways to protect yourself from being bitten

generated image of a mosquito-in-greece

Picture this: you’re on a dream vacation to Greece, with its stunning landscapes, rich history, and mouth-watering cuisine when suddenly you realize that there are mosquitoes in Greece and they are all around you! But that doesn’t have to be you, because in this guide we’ve got you covered with the most common FAQ and … Read more

Athens to Delphi Day Trip


The UNESCO World Heritage site of Delphi is the single most important religious complex of Ancient Greece, a place where history, Greek mythology, and contemporary heritage meet. It is also a location of immense natural beauty, giving out glimpses into a world where the ancient Greek civilization flourished. Delphi is one of the best day-trip … Read more

Peloponnese Region Travel Guide

Discover the archaeological treasure trove of UNESCO World Heritage sites and a stunning coastline fringed by spectacular beaches, colorful cities, and not-to-miss landmarks in this complete Peloponnese Travel Guide. Where is the Peloponnese? The Peloponnese peninsula is the most popular part of the Greek mainland for tourists and locals alike and a place authentically Greek, … Read more

Savoring Greece Culture and Food: An Insider’s Guide

Musicians in Athens

If you’re interested in the combination of Greece, culture, and food, you’ve come to the right place! There’s even more to Greece than beautiful beaches. There is also an easy-going, friendly, fun, and lively way of life. Read on for a guide to Greek culture and food by a cultural anthropologist obsessed with Greece! What … Read more

The 15 Top Experiences in Greece

With a diverse geography that includes thousands of islands combined with unique cuisine and millennia of significant historical inventions and cultures, it can be hard to try and figure out what the top experiences in Greece are. I’ve been traveling the length of Greece for many years, and here are my top 15 experiences that … Read more