How many days in Athens for first-time visitors?

Acropolis of Athens seen from the Agora of Athens

How many days in Athens should you spend the first time you visit Athens? Around 3-4 days is the perfect amount for first-timers and this detailed guide covers all the essential Athens sites. Here’s how to see the major sights in central Athens, the most important ancient sites, and the must-see museums. Find where to … Read more

What’s the weather in Greece in May like for travel?

Santorini in May

Even though the average daytime temperature in Greece in May is 24C or 75F, the weather in Greece in May is dramatically different across Greece’s chilly northern mountains or the Greek islands which can be windy or sheltered depending upon your choice of holiday destination. Here’s a detailed guide to the average minimum and maximum … Read more

Is Santorini Water safe to drink? 2024 Santorini drinking water guide

Man drinking water in Santorini

If you’re planning a trip to Santorini, Greece, you might be wondering if you can drink Santorini water. The answer is “Yes,” but it’s got a slightly salty taste. Most people drink bottled water rather than drinking tap water. In this guide, I’ll answer every question you have about washing clothes, bathing, brushing teeth, drinking … Read more

Milos vs Paxos: Which Island is better for your next holiday?

Milos vs Paxos feature image

Milos vs Paxos is a dilemma because they are both amazing and beautiful islands, but they are very different kinds of islands. In this complete travel guide to the highlights of each island, I’ll cover their differing landscapes, beaches, nightlife, activities, gastronomy, culture, and general atmosphere to help you find out the differences and what … Read more

Do People in Greece Speak English? And does it matter in 2024?


Do people in Greece speak English? Yes, many people in Greece speak English and in this article, you’ll learn how common English is in Greece, and all about street signs, public transportation, menus, guided tours, and medical facilities as well as a few words of Greek to help you travel through Greece without worrying about … Read more